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Promotional Staffing Agency > Intelligent Marketing Solutions


Intelligent Marketing Solutions

General Contact Information
0870 701 0866
Fax: 0130 255 4996
Intelligent Marketing Solutions
The Innovation Centre, Ten Pound Walk
New Business Contact
0870 701 0866
About Intelligent Marketing Solutions
No matter how effective your marketing, if your point of purchase is not effective when your customers get there then all your efforts may have been for nothing. Field marketing services can ensure the all important final point of purchase is a sales driver, not a sales barrier. Field marketing is therefore vital for any organisation looking to increase their in-store performance and maximise sales.

IMS are industry experts when it comes to designing and implementing field marketing campaigns that maximise the effectiveness of your point of purchase. As an intelligent field marketing company we can increase your on-shelf availability, maximise your promotional performance or improve your customer service levels. Field marketing completed by IMS will also deliver a stunning return on investment (ROI) which produces a measurable increase to your bottom line profit.


Location of Intelligent Marketing Solutions