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Egoli UK

General Contact Information
Fax: 02089889118
2nd Floor Kirkdale House
7 Kirkdale road
E11 1HP
New Business Contact
Nenad Petrovic
About Egoli UK
We work with English speaking candidates from South African, Australian and New Zealand who come over to the UK on working holidays. We are working on figures of 50 - 60 new arrivals a week and expect the figure to rise towards the end of the year.

As we supply all UK airports, members clubs, a selection of 5 star hotels, celebrity functions all over the country we have a very good track record in the temp supply industry, and for most we have become exclusive suppliers to their establishments. With the skills of so many different candidates, over the years we have become specialists in the following fields:

Promotions and events:
Celebrity parties and movie premiere parties
Hosts for Nightclubs
Door to door sales
Festival staff
Nightclub staff

Catering staff:
Plate service
Silver service
Canapé service
Buffet and breakfast service
Bar and Champaign
Table settings and preparation
Porter services (kitchen and furniture)
Bar services
Floor supervisor

Restaurant staff:
Buffet service
Table service
Bar service and management
Breakfast service

Hotel staff:
Cloakroom attendants
Valet driver
Room Attendants
Room service

Maintenance staff:
Furniture fitting and removals
Plumbing and electrical
Painting and decorating
All general building maintenance

Due to the nature and enthusiasm of the staff members we are positive that they will be great for the work you have on offer.

We have a fully operational training session in our offices each week for all different departments and we have a management team who book shifts and ensure all staff members are fully uniformed to specifications and presentable when on shifts. The supervisors work at all hours to ensure early morning shifts are not a problem. I am positive that we would be the perfect supply agency for you.

Please feel free to contact me for quotes and services offered



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