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Fresh Agents

General Contact Information
01273 711 777
Fax: 01273 711 778
Fresh Agents
Whitepoint Studios, Unit 2, Hove Business Centre
Brighton & Hove
New Business Contact
01273 711 777
About Fresh Agents
An ethical agency...

Fresh Agents is a business founded and run by women. We operate a fair and honest business and pride ourselves in our ethical approach to supporting new faces and getting them started in what can sometimes be perceived to be a cut throat and harsh industry, littered with rogue agents making it an easy target for tabloid scrutiny.

We have never charged a registration or annual representation fee. We earn our living through fair and honest trading, charging a standard commission for our services when you successfully matched to a brief and booked.

We do not insist that everyone has to have professional images to be featured on our website, although there is obviously an advantage to having good quality images to market to clients. Where practical, we aim to work with what you have initially, organizing test shoots where possible to get new faces started in the industry.

Location of Fresh Agents