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General Contact Information
0207 490 8477
Fax: 0207 806 8322
6/7 Albermarle Way
New Business Contact
Marvin Foster
0207 490 8477
About StaffWarehouse
Brand and Agencies
Activating campaigns for brands and agencies nationwide, with over 5000 Brand Ambassadors on our database from all ethnicities, who are well trained , it clearly shows StaffWarehouse has the resources to fully staff your promotional campaign London or nationwide. If you are looking for approachable experienced Brand Ambassadors, call the experts!

Credit Crunch Prices
Rate card prices have been slashed and we are offering FREE Bluetooth Messaging on every campaign if you book in 10 staff or more! (enquire within for more information) We provide a shortlist (photos and promotional experience) of available promotion staff that live in the potential region of your promotional campaign.

Sickness & Shows
We are aware that sickness & emergencies can lead to having an incomplete team so we are one of the only agencies who put in place backup staff and reserves for every campaign to ensure your campaign is always fully staffed at no extra cost.

Storage & Logistics
As well as staffing your campaign we can also handle logistics and storage in-house. Call Now!


StaffWarehouse Latest News  
StaffWarehouse provided 200 brand ambassadors to participate in this supermarket promotion geared at driving purchase of the key ingredients required in order to participate in Gordon Ramsay’s Cook a long live, an interactive one off TV show by channel 4 . The staff wore chef whites and Gordon masks, distributing ingredients lists to shoppers nationally in Asda’s, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. The show was deemed a success with 4.4m viewers.  

Location of StaffWarehouse