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General Contact Information
08456 800 862
Fax: 0208 7355162
Unit 8, Western Avenue Business Park
Mansfield Road
W3 0BZ
New Business Contact
Mark Paris
020 311 00500
About PeoplePeople
Join the PeoplePeople Revolution

At PeoplePeople we have started a revolution:
To provide the best quality people, supported by unparalleled quality assurance to maximise the
success of any face-to-face experience, backed up with fully equipped in-house logistical support.

Whether you need the best staff to make your campaign or event stand out from the crowd, or if you feel you have the talent to join the revolution, we want to hear from you.

The PeoplePeople revolution started in 1993. Understanding the power of face-to-face communication and the logistical requirements needed to support any experience, we have developed a powerful staffing model - together with a list of services you might require to ensure your experience or event is, quite simply, the best!

From a few select promotional staff, through to staffing and complete logistical support for international campaigns, the PeoplePeople revolution will change the face of live marketing forever.
So, be a part of the revolution and contact us now.


PeoplePeople Latest News  
Here are just a few of the experiences and events PeoplePeople provides revolutionary support to:

• Sampling
• Roadshows
• Leafleting
• Exhibitions
• Hospitality
• Mystery Shopping
• Merchandising
• Auditing
• Data Capture
• Live Events
• Conferences
• Product Demonstration
• Product Launches
• PR Campaigns

Location of PeoplePeople