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Unity Promotions

General Contact Information
0790 3299 899
Unity Promotions
4 Wardlow Close
New Business Contact
Richard Tuft
0790 3299 899
About Unity Promotions
Unity Promotions is the South-West's Premier Promotional Staffing agency. Unity provides an extensive database of experienced and locally trained Promotional staff with a wide variety of skill-sets to cover campaigns specifically in the South-West region. With accurate and accomplished staff from the area your campaign gets the dedicated and knowledgeable attention it deserves when coming to the UK's largest region. Unity’s vibrant and fresh ideas mean the right people for the right campaign every time. If you're coming to the South-West, get Unity.

Unity has an extensive database created using the Innovative 'Radius and Greet' rule. Every area in the South-West has been specifically scouted by Unity to acquire the right staff for that Radius, thus insuring varying degrees of skill sets for each area, and staff who truly understand the campaigns location. Every staff member then goes through a specific recruitment process where each individual is met in person. Staff here are treated more than just a statistic. The outcome is Promotional staffing's best recruitment process and an insurance that your campaign gets the attention it deserves.
Unity Promotions focuses all it's energy on supplying the South-West with the best staff available. Unity is a new company with fresh ideas and philosophy's, with an aim to keep consistently high standards. Already Unity is the South-West's premier Promotional staffing agency having worked with Warburton, Fosters and the Co-Op. Each campaign builds Unity's reputation as a dedicated, unique and well-executed staffing solution.


Unity Promotions Latest News  
- The South-West's Premier Promotional Staffing agency. With accurate and accomplished local staff your campaign gets the dedicated and knowledgeable attention it deserves

- Unity has the edge. With new, innovative ideas based on the foundations of experience, Unity has already worked with such campaigns as Warburton’s, Fosters and the Co-Op.

- We are currently recruiting to add to our extensive staffing database. We use our original ‘Radius and Greet’ method to recruit the right staff for the right campaign. We are always looking for vibrant, friendly and enthusiastic staff from all over the south-west. So if that best describes you – visit the website to become a member of the Unity Team.

- Lots of work coming up this summer so get in touch for details!

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