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Cord Promotions

General Contact Information
01628 663 600
Fax: 01628 663 050
Cord Promotions
Cord House, 15 Progress Business Park, Whittle Parkway
New Business Contact
01628 663 600
About Cord Promotions
There is no substitute for experience when it comes to investing valuable marketing budget in raising brand awareness and extending sales promotion, with over 25 years we probably have more than most.

We hope the illustrations of our services give you a feel for our creativity, sense of fun and an idea of what we do. No two activities for clients are the same so everything we do is designed specifically with the achieving your activity objectives and delivering results. We achieve this through initial consultation meetings, scoping the project, robust activity planning and excellence of execution.

We are totally client-centric and therefore our ethos, approach and results are all geared to ensure that your experience of us is nothing less than memorable.

Location of Cord Promotions